Pandemic Policies

Click here for the Early Childhood Pandemic Policy.

Update made on 7/15/20:

  • Should another stay-at-home order go into effect, the MSP Early Childhood program will remain open. Primary parents, who opt to keep their child(ren) home because of the stay-at-home order, will be offered individual Zoom lessons.  Toddler and Entry classes will remain open without a virtual option.

Click here for the Elementary/Middle School Pandemic Policy.

Update made on 7/15/20:

  • The lunch section about paper bags and throwing away unused food is for primary only.  Elementary and Middle school students may bring reusable lunch boxes and containers.  They will keep their items with them in their personal space and take them home at the end of each day. Water bottles may stay for the week or come back and forth each day.

    Additionally, we will follow current CDC guidelines about masks.  All students and staff must properly wear masks inside of the buildings.  We will have frequent “mask breaks” and will utilize the outside areas as much as possible.