Middle School studies Robotics

The 7th and 8th graders are working in small groups with Mindstorms robotic kits. These kits allow for both hardware and program designs. Each group chose a goal to attain. For example, one group chose to construct a robot that could chase its tail and bark like a dog. Success is determined by effort, group contributions, and follow through.

This particular group project combines goal setting, self-challenge, working with peers, programming using visual blocks, as well as tactile involvement and feedback with the robots.

Students love the hands-on challenges.  Watching their robots often go in ways they didn’t plan (program) for brings a lot of laughs.  Robots can be used to replace or to complement human labor.  Since the world will see a lot of both things happening, it’s an important and timely part of the Middle School curriculum.  We hope the unit helps the students increase their understanding the world of intelligent machines.