Library Policies


MSP’s Media Center is a fully functioning library and true multi-purpose building. The Media Center has books and resources for the students, parents, and teachers. If you are interested in learning more about our library, or volunteering time, please feel free to stop in.

Dear Students and Parents:
The following information will help all of us when checking out books:

  1. Every child in our school has a library card and may check out books (parents may check out books under their child’s card).
  2. All books need to be checked out and checked in on the library computer. Books may be checked out from the library during a child’s designated library time or after school when someone is available to run the computer. Books may be returned at anytime (Just place your books in the return basket in the Media Center or to the designated area in your child’s classroom). Please do not put books back on the shelves.
  3. Students may check out two books at any one time.
  4. Books may be kept for two weeks.
  5. You may not check out another book if there is an overdue book on the account. Please

    try to return all books on time, so other children can have a chance to enjoy them.

  6. Books that are damaged or lost will have to be replaced. You may purchase another copy

    of the book or we can give you the cost associated with the title.

  7. Encyclopedias and reference books may not be taken from the library. Students may

    photocopy information from these books or hand copy the information they need.

  8. Videotapes and DVDs may not be checked out.


Any books checked out on or after January 1, 2016 are subject to our library book return policy as follows:

  • Graduating 8th graders will have transcripts held until the account is paid or the book is returned.
  • Overdue notices will be emailed to parents and a hard copy will be sent home with the student.
  • Overdue notices will be sent between fall and the Winter Break, before Spring Break, and at the school year’s end.
  • If a book is lost and/or overdue past the two week period, the fine will be the cost of replacing the book.
  • Families may pay fines by check to MSP, cash, or on the payment portal of the MSP website.
  • Book check out will stop three weeks prior to last day of school. This allows for all overdue books to be returned. Final overdue notices will be sent home one week before the last day of school. *Updated Dec. 2016