Additional Curriculum

Spanish:  Students all receive lessons in Spanish.  The curriculum layers from year to year.  In Upper Elementary and Middle School, the curriculum becomes more challenging with the addition of grammar and writing skills.  Spanish is integrated into all of our school performances and also offered as a week of summer camp.

Art:  Art is integrated into the prepared environment of Early Childhood classrooms.  Students in Elementary and Middle School attend additional weekly art lessons in one of our two art classrooms.  Lessons include the study of artists, techniques and the exploration of different media.

Music:  Instruction about composers and types of music begins at an early age.  Early Childhood classrooms include instruments from around the world and music is used on a daily basis.  Students in Elementary attend additional weekly music lessons.  Students in Kindergarten and above perform in an annual Winter Performance.  Our end-of-the-year performances also incorporate music.  Afterschool band and chorus are also options for Elementary and Middle School.

Physical Education:  Movement and play are integral parts of our Early Childhood program.  A formal physical education (PE) program is part of weekly instruction for Elementary and Middle School students, including fitness, health, and nutrition.Students playing tennis on the MSP tennis courts

Tennis:  By acquiring the property that was formerly the Pensacola Racquet Club in 2011, MSP is now able to offer tennis instruction to students in Elementary and Middle School as part of PE.  Early childhood classes get periodic instruction, either at 12th Avenue or when Kindergarten students visit the Montessori Drive campus.  Afterschool tennis classes, as well as summer camps, are also available to students ages 4 and older.