Through her study of children, Dr. Maria Montessori made many discoveries that led her to develop and refine the Montessori approach to learning. We base our program upon these principles.

Children pass through sensitive periods of learning that enable them to absorb specific kinds of knowledge more rapidly than at any other time in their lives.

Children require a highly interactive, hands-on educational environment to become self-motivated and successful learners.

Children develop intrinsic motivation and learn through problem solving and critical thinking skills. Each child’s path to educational success is unique.

Multi-age groupings allow for individual differences.  Older children help younger ones, while reinforcing their own learning.

MSP ensures low teacher-student ratios, with the toddler classrooms at 1:4 (in North Entry) and 1:6 (in South Entry) and then 1:12 in classrooms there after.

At MSP, we not only foster relationships with children, but also their families.  Parents are invited to learn more about Montessori education.  MSP provides numerous workshops that explain Montessori philosophy and how things are done in a Montessori classroom.  Many of the workshops demonstrate the varied hands-on materials that are used to teach academic concepts.

Scheduled conferences allow parents and teachers to work together to help children grow in academic confidence, as well as to develop discipline, responsibility.  Our goal is to aid parents in providing a collaborative relationship between home and school.

MSP’s open door policy for parents provides opportunities for families to observe.  We welcome and encourage parent volunteers at all levels.