Emergency Policies Letter

COOP (Continuity of Operation Plan) MSP Emergency Policies

Dear Parents,

This letter is sent to you in accordance with Early Learning Coalition requirements. It is to inform you of what our plans are in case of emergencies. Depending on the circumstance of the emergency, we will use one of the following protective actions:

*Immediate evacuation: Children are evacuated to a safe area on the school grounds in the event of a fire, etc.
*In-place shelter: Sudden occurrences, such as weather or hazardous materials being present, may dictate that taking cover inside the building is the best immediate response. On Montessori Drive, the children are taken to their bathrooms. On 12th Avenue, all children from all classrooms are taken to the hallway in the main building if time permits. If not, they are placed in the bathrooms or storage rooms.

*Lockdown: All students and staff will go to a locked location that is not visible from the outside and remain there until directed to leave.
*Evacuation: If authorities require students and staff to leave the campus, parents will pick up their child/ren at a neighborhood site. On Montessori Drive, the students will be at the East Hill Baptist Church (3960 Spanish Trail). On 12th Avenue, the students will be at Saltmarsh, Cleveland, and Gund (900 N. 12th Avenue).

*Evacuation from neighborhood: Total evacuation of the school may become necessary if there is a danger (i.e.,chemical spill on train) in the area. In this case, the children will be taken to our other campus. In this extreme situation, the children will be driven by staff in staff vehicles. If it were to be necessary to evacuate Pensacola proper, we will all go to Shae Brown’s home (12th Avenue, Toddler teacher) in Cantonment (1607 Amanda Lane, 32533). To get to her home from 12th Avenue, go north on I110, merge west on I10 and exit onto Pine Forest Rd. Turn right onto Pine Forest, heading north. Cross 9 Mile Rd, continue approximately 1⁄2 mile. Turn right onto Amanda Lane. It is the last house on the right. From Montessori Drive, take Wimbledon to Scenic Hwy. Turn left onto Scenic Hwy., going north. Go west on I10 and follow the above directions.

*Modified operation: This may include closure or rescheduling of normal activities. This is usually the result of a building problem, utility issue, or extensive staff illness. The children will be relocated to another classroom on the same campus unless total evacuation is required.

In an extreme situation, listen to local radio/television for announcements. We will contact you as soon as possible with updates. We ask that you not call during an emergency so that the school’s phone lines are kept free to make necessary emergency calls and relay information.

It is imperative that you regularly update your emergency contact information/authorized persons allowed to pick up your child.

Please feel free to contact the office (MD 433.4155, 12th Ave 469.8138) should you have any questions or concerns regarding our emergency operating procedures.