Irene Bolen
Administrative Assistant and Admissions – 12th Avenue

  • Worked for the Montessori School from 1994-1998
  • Returned to MSP in 2008
  • BS in Elementary Education
  • AMS Early Childhood Certification
  • Working with children since 1981
  • Helped open Montessori World School in Mobile, AL

Mary Gaudet

  • Been with MSP since 1978
  • BA and MA in Early Childhood
  • AMS Early Childhood Certification
  • St. Nicholas Montessori Certification

Maria Mitkevicius
Head of Elementary & Middle School/Owner

  • Been teaching since 1972
  • BS in Elementary Education
  • AMS Early Childhood, Elementary I & II certification
  • Joined MSP in 1980

Wanda Nelson
Business Manager – Montessori Drive Business Office

  • Been with MSP since 2003
  • BS degree in Systems Science/Business from UWF

Lauren Southern-Godwin
Public Relations Coordinator

  • Been with MSP since 2004
  • BS degree in TV/Film and Education from Boston University
  • Worked in children’s television for PBS, Boston and BBC, London
  • Some Early Childhood Montessori Training
  • Former MSP teacher, Lower Elem, Upper Elem, Art, Drama, and Substitute

Alisen Spear
Assistant Head of Elementary/Middle School, Elementary Coordinator, Campus Coordinator

  • Been with MSP since 1998
  • BA in Elementary Education
  • AMS 6-12 Certification

Kathy Turtle
Early Childhood Program Director/Owner/Co-Founder

  • Been teaching since 1972
  • Co-founded MSP in 1977
  • AA Degree
  • St. Nicholas Montessori Certification
  • AMS Early Childhood Certification