The Montessori School of Pensacola

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Past Events

2011-2012 Events and Updates

Posters were made and hung all over campus!

2012 Don’t Fry Day

A dream team of safety! Children demonstrate sun safe behaviors to
their classmates!

Each of the elementary grades attended a presentation on the EPS’s
SunWise program.

Elementary students in extended care join in the fun of creating
the sun safety posters.

Middle school students decorate their patio area with sidewalk
chalk suns and warning messages.

2010 Sun Fun Booth at the Carnival

October 16th was our annual Carnival.  We had a “Sun Fun” booth, where students could apply sunscreen, get informative pamphlets, color sun safety sheets, and also enter a drawing for a free hat (which they could decorate).  It was a great way to educate about how to protect your skin from the sun.

Sun Safety Information

As a result of the SunWise school Evaluation, we made sun safety information available to everyone (staff, parents, children and visitors) on both campuses by placing a variety of flyers in the parent welcome areas.

2010 Elementary Playground Expansion

At the end of the 2009-2010 school year, we decided to expand the elementary playground at our Montessori Drive campus.  We focused on tree conservation and with the help of parent-owned Hernandez-Calhoun Design International, were able to preserve this tree for a shady sitting area.

We’ve also chosen to leave trees on the playground at our 12th Avenue campus. Shade is an important factor for areas where the children eat. More than a decade ago, a mimosa tree was planted in front of the 9-12 eating area to provide some shade.

In 2007, parents worked together to erect the above Australian “Coolaroo” shade structures for the 6-9 class outside eating area.

At our 12th Avenue location we also have covered outside eating areas