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Parent/Toddler Class for April

Parent/toddler class sessions are ongoing.  The class meets from 3-4pm in the 12th Avenue Entry classroom.  It is open to children 18 months-3 years.   The class will led by Montessori certified teachers; Amy Gillis and Juliet Phillips.  Call Irene at 469-8138 to find out the current dates and fees.  The class offers an opportunity for both you and your child.  Our Montessori classroom is designed to meet the developmental needs of children 18-36 months.  We focus on the development of practical skills, sensory development, language, social skills, and the basic concepts used in early mathematics.  In addition your child gets early educational opportunities in a Montessori environment that include:

*Next session will start April 4th for 4 weeks, if there is enough interest.  The cost is $60.  Call 469-8138 to register.