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Additional Resources

Click here to visit the American Montessori Society website.

If you would like to read more about the Montessori approach to education, we suggest these books:

The Montessori Foundation is a good source for informative articles and videos.

Here is a short list of books on parenting that we recommend:

Here is a video about the benefit of completing the 3-year cycle in the 3-6 classroom (“The Kindergarten Year”).

Here is a link to psychologist, Stephen Hughes’ talk about Montessori education and higher order cognitive functions. 

Many well-known innovators have been graduates of Montessori schools.  To read articles about some of these creators, click below:

Here is a link to another Montessori school’s extensive resource list, as well as access to a video clip of Google creators discussing their Montessori education.

Montessori Education Week is celebrated internationally every year, during a week in early spring.  Click below to see a slideshow created by MSP in honor of Montessori Education Week.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow