Elementary student working on science lesson with classmatesOur private elementary program in Pensacola, FL (grades 1-6) focuses on supporting the whole child through the prepared environment. The specific needs of individual students are met at each developmental level. Children at this age tend to be very social, intellectually curious and highly imaginative. They are eager to explore their world.

The academically challenging curriculum provides a framework for this exploration with key lessons establishing a solid foundation of knowledge. The curriculum includes mathematics and geometry, written and oral language skills, critical thinking, computer skills, sign language, biology, history, geography, current events, Spanish, music, art, and physical education. All classes include field trips, guest speakers and real-life activities to augment basic instruction.

Montessori elementary students discover their own unique capabilities, develop their talents constructively and learn to evaluate their efforts. They practice independence and responsibility. Class meetings introduce children to democratic skills for problem solving and goal setting. Through this combination of experiences, students expand their interests and discover new areas of study that may become life long pursuits.

In fall of 2015, MSP started a pilot program: Elementary Transitions Program (ETP).  This classroom provides a highly structured and individualized program with no greater than a five-to-one student-teacher ratio. The curriculum adheres to Montessori principles, philosophy and methodology. The staff includes teachers specifically suited to working with children who exhibit learning challenges. Individualized learning plans are developed for every student in the class and students are guided in their unique course of academic progression while emphasizing the strengths within each child.

MSP’s ETP classroom provides specific instruction and remediation for those with challenges in the areas of reading, mathematics, language, written expression, attention, socialization, and organization. This classroom has limited space and is open to students in grades 1 through 6 (Lower and Upper Elementary) and will also act as a resource room for any student who may need additional help.