After-School Programs

Currently, in addition to our Extended Care program, we offer after school classes at additional fees:

Parent/Toddler Class:  Depending on the number of interested participants, we also offer a parent-toddler class at our 12th Avenue location.  Call 469-8138 if you would like to find out more about the class.

*Click the class you are interested in below for more information and/or to register.

12th Ave. Offerings Tennis Court Offerings Montessori Dr. Offerings Additional Academic
Yoga Red Chorus Boy Scouts MathCounts
Ballet Pensacola Orange French Class Cub Scouts
Art Crew #1 Yellow Ballet Pensacola Girl Scouts
Art Crew #2 Green Knitting
Hola Espanol Tiny Tots Art (3-6 & Level 1)

Art (Level 2 & up)

Kinder Music

Concert Band

Wind Ensemble

*We alternate the classes offered throughout the year, so some of those listed may not be available every session.