The Montessori School of Pensacola

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Field Trips

3-6 students at 12th Avenue take annual walks to a local pumpkin patch and a fire station.  3-6 students at Montessori Drive walk to a fire station, a nearby park, and the airport.  Students in Kindergarten and up take yearly off-campus field trips using charter buses.  These trips differ from year to year, based on the units of study in the classrooms, as well as events and exhibits that are occurring in the area.  Every year, Kindergarten students also take an exciting walk to the home of one of our school owners.  Field trips for Elementary students in the past have included: the Dauphin Island Sea Lab, Camp Beckwith, and the Exploreum in Mobile.  9-12 students travel to Tallahassee during the year they study Florida history.  Middle School students go on trips for several days; one year to Sea Camp in the Florida Keys and the other year to Space Camp in Huntsville, AL.