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Community Outreach

2012-2013 School Year Events:

Currently, we are collecting pajamas for foster children through the Families First Network.  We are also in the middle of our annual food drive for Manna Food Pantry.  We will be starting a school food garden for Manna as well.  In November, a visitor from Kenya will be coming to talk to students about the needs of children at a local school, so that MSP can begin a donation program for them.

2011-2012 School Year Events:

MSP conducted its annual pajama drive for foster children, gift-giving drive for foster children, and Manna Food Pantry Drive.

2010-2011 School Year Events:

MSP works in conjunction with the Families First Network several times a year to help area foster children.  Here are several certificates of thanks we have received from the organization.

Families First Network photographed these MSP students after we participated in their pajama drive for foster children.

Students presenting money raised from the annual MSP Carnival to the Northwest Florida Wildlife Refuge.

Parent-submitted Events (2010-2011 School Year):

10/28/10:  Join the world’s biggest beach rally – on Saturday, Nov. 6 – when beach-lovers across Florida hold the Great VISIT FLORIDA Beach Walk. Help show the world our beaches are as wonderful as ever.

2009-2010 School Year Events:

The 9-12 class collected $60, so that they could “adopt” three manatees from the Save The Manatees Club.  During their study of Florida this year, they learned about the endangered status of the state marine mammal, the manatee, and wanted to help.  Due to the extremely cold winter we had in Florida, over 500 manatees died and now with the oil spill situation, they are further threatened.

In addition to having a food drive for Manna Food Bank, we are also involved in a classroom garden project.  Check out this article from the Manna newsletter.

This holiday season, the MSP community helped supply gifts to over 100 foster children.  Read the article from the online News Journal.

Results from our fundraising efforts for Haiti thus far: