The Montessori School of Pensacola

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Mary Gaudet
Mary has been with MSP since 1978. She is married and has five children (her youngest attended MSP) and seven grandchildren, four who are currently attending MSP. She has a BA and MA in Early Childhood. She also has an AMS Early Childhood Credential as well as a St. Nicholas Certificate. She enjoys reading, walking, and finding bargains at garage sales.

Maria Mitkevicius
Co-owner/Head of Elementary & Middle School.
She began her educational career in 1972 in public school in Connecticut. She has a BS in Elementary Education from Southern Connecticut State University. She is also AMS Early Childhood, Elementary I & II certified. She has been “doing” Montessori since 1980. She is married and has three children who all attended MSP. When not at school, she enjoys reading, traveling, hiking, and visiting her family.

Kathy Turtle
Co-owner/Early Childhood Program Director and the co-founder of MSP.
She has been with MSP since 1977 and teaching Montessori since 1972. She has two sons (both former MSP students) and four grandchildren. She has an AA Degree and holds a St. Nicholas Montessori certificate as well as being AMS Early Childhood Certified. She loves her job, spending time with family and friends, reading, making window jewelry! After all these years, she is still thrilled to be part of Montessori Education.